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Groupement de Recherche en Ethologie


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Ethology or the study of the behaviour

The GDR 2822 ethology research group includes 125 professors and researchers attached to units associated with the CNRS or other certified institutions (EA, INRA, INSERM).

The objective of this GDR is to develop research programs in ethology in common

What is ethology ?

Ethology occupies an essential place in the life sciences : it analysis the behaviour of organisms interacting with their environment. Its originality lies in its interdisciplinarity as it calls upon complementary categories of explanations for behaviour, implying an integrative understanding of behaviour. Ethological research is organized around four categories of questions and explanations :

  • How does a behaviour develop during ontogeny (individual development),
  • Causation : what are the mechanisms that elicit a behaviour,
  • Function : what reproduction or survival problem is solved by a given species trait at any given behaviour at a certain time,
  • How has a behavioural trait developed during evolution.

Ethology is a life science

Ethology is a life science, and the context of ethologists’ research projects situates it at the interface between human and social sciences. Thus, due to its interdisciplinary nature, its questionings are similar to those of Psychology, Ecology, Physiology, Neurobiology and other diverse disciplines and can overlap.

The research group develops the following three axes :

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