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Past collaborations

Many actions have been carried out in collaboration in the past between different ethology GDR teams.

Here is the list :

UR 1213 INRA Clermont-Ferrand et Theix (B. Dumont, A. Boissy) et UMR 7178 Strasbourg (B. Thierry)

  • Collective movements of ungulates, cattle (Bos taurus) and domestic sheep (Ovis aries).

EthoS, UMR 6552 Rennes (M. Hausberger) et UMR 7178 Strasbourg (B. Thierry et O. Petit)

  • Sociogenesis and movements of Przewalski horses (Equus ferus przewalskii).

CRCA Toulouse (J. Gautrais et G. Theraulaz) et UMR 7178 Strasbourg (O. Petit)

  • Collective movements of Capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus), in collaboration with a research team in Brussels (J.-L. Deneubourg).

EA 4259 Caen (L. Dickel, C. Bellanger, A.S. Darmaillacq) et EthoS Rennes (S. Lumineau, C. Houdelier)

  • Mother / youth relationships and development, perinatal learning and neurogenesis, in vivo electrophysiology.

INRA Nouzilly (C. Leterrier) et INRA Theix (A. Boissy), INSERM Tours (C. Belzung) et EthoS Rennes (S. Lumineau)

  • Emotional reactivity and cognitive capacities of farm animals.

LEEC Villetaneuse (C. Baudoin) et CEFE Montpellier (S. Dodson)

  • Spatial dynamics and evolution of monogamy in mammals.

LEEC Villetaneuse (D. Fresneau) et IRBI CNRS Tours (J.L. Mercier)

  • An invasive ant in Gabon : Wasmania auropunctata.

LEEC Villetaneuse (R. Fénéron et S. Chameron) et CRCA Toulouse (V. Fourcassié)

  • Spatial analysis of social interactions among ants.

LEEC Villetaneuse (G. Gheusi) et INRA Nouzilly (F. Lévy, M. Keller, M. Meurisse)

  • Regulation and functional contribution of the adult olfactory neurogenesis in maternal conducts.

LEEC Villetaneuse (P. d’Ettorre) et CRCA Toulouse (M. Giurfa)

  • Sensitivity to sugar, specialization of caste and biogenic amines in the nervous system of the ant Camponotus aethiops.

CRCA Toulouse (R. Bon) et INRA Clermont-Ferrand (A. Boissy)

  • Behavioural mechanisms involved in keeping social peace among sheep.

EA 4559 Caen (L. Dickel, A.S. Darmaillacq) et CESG Dijon (B. Schaal, G. Coureaud)

  • Development and sensory systems.

NAMC Paris Sud (I. Charrier) et CESG Dijon (B. Schaal)

  • Study of individual olfactory recognition between pinniped mothers and their young : behaviour as an individual signature.

INRA Tours (R. Nowak) et INRA Theix (A. Boissy, X. Boivin)

  • Development of an experimental protocol regarding the method of "repeated and unpredictable stress" in sheep.

CNRS Strasbourg (B. Thierry) et CNRS Rennes (M. Hausberger, S. Henry)

  • Study of the role of information in the recruitment and the conduct of groups of horses.

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