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Higher education

The ethology GDR has implemented higher education programs to make ethological culture accessible to a wider public. This higher education in ethology is based on two university degrees :

Ethology University Degree

The study of animal behaviour is an exciting field that attracts many students and professionals. Yet, scarcely any serious ethology courses are on offer. Bringing together professors and researchers in this discipline, the CNRS ethology GDR logically created this University Degree to offer a solid theoretical and practical training, based on rigorous animal observation methods.

As the ethological teaching in this degree concerns many animal species, including humans and human-animal relationships it aims to interest many audiences : breeders, trainers, veterinary, pet owners... Involving important French universities and recognized research centres, this course ensures students a high quality education. It also allows the ethology GDR to play a major role in the transmission of ethological information to the society in general.

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University certificate in Horse Ethology

Established in 2007, this formation has proved very successful and is greatly appreciated by professionals as well as the general public.

The reason for this success lies in its operation particularity : it is based on collaboration between the UMR EthoS of Rennes, the UMR 6175 of Tours and the National Stud Farms.

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